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The Value of Humidity

While the weather outside may change, the conditions in your home don’t have to. Protect your health, your furniture, and your energy bill by pairing your heating and cooling system with controlled whole home humidity by Carnes.

Health Benefits

Humidifiers reduce unpleasant static shocks, sore throats, itchy skin, and chapped lips. Studies have also shown them to help with decreasing the risks of catching airborne contagions.


All Carnes humidifier installation kits include a digital humidistat to monitor and regulate the ambient moisture in your home.


Inconsistent humidity can lead to property damage such as peeling wallpaper or cracked paint, split or rotting hardwood floors, and swelling of wooden frames of both furniture and home construction.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce the demand on your furnace and AC by pairing it with a direct-steam humidifier.
The Advantages of Steam Humidifiers

Why a Steam Humidifier is the Best Option

Carnes humidifiers use electrode technology to convert electricity directly into pure steam that is distributed into your home’s air supply.

  • Sanitary. A steam humidifier boils water from the tap, turning it directly into steam. This hot steam keeps the air sterile, and can’t grow mold or bacteria like in evaporative humidifiers.
  • More humidity. Steam is produced quicker and can reach higher levels of humidity than evaporative methods. Less waiting and more consistency.
  • Easy to maintain. A service light on the humidifier conveniently indicates the need for service. Changing the plastic cylinder usually takes less than ten minutes. No scrubbing or chemical additives.


Why Choose Carnes?

Here at Carnes we know how important humidity is, from protecting historical documents to sensitive electronics to surgical rooms. With over fifty years as a leader in commercial humidification, we have now put our expertise to work in your home.

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Bringing Comfort and Health to Your Home

Our humidifiers offers a high quality, affordable solution to give you and your loved ones a healthier and more comfortable living environment. Our humidifiers can be configured for virtually any size home right out of the box.

  • Save money on heating bills by making your home feel warmer with balanced humidity levels.
  • Designed to work with almost any thermostat including new smart thermostats.
  • The Whole Home Humidifier system offers trouble-free operation by delivering humidity to your home through the HVAC duct work.
For Contractors

Delivering Commercial Quality Performance to the Home

Easy to install, easy to operate, and packed with features your customers will love. Our products combine sophistication with simplicity.

  • A compact solution for easy, one-person wall mount installation.
  • Our advanced Dual Electrode Cylinder Technology delivers pure, clean steam, works with almost any water quality and residential power supply, and can last up to 50% longer than other similar humidifiers.
  • An array of operating modes lets the user tailor the humidifier to their needs while the self-diagnostics automatically adjust for efficient output and to protect the HVAC system.